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The building blocks of our own Source Retreat.


My story.

My name is Aviva Gold.

I had been living in Ojai, CA for over than ten years, until a vision brought me to Oracle, Arizona to fulfil my life’s mission and the planetary need for healing through creativity.

I am creating an eco-retreat for an individual, community and planetary re-enchantment, with a group of enthusiasts, teachers and friends. We aim to provide an opportunity for further children and adults to experience and realize the enchanted bliss and healing potential in nature and art.

After I graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in Art Education and Painting in 1962, I taught art to children in Harlem, New York City, as well as art history at New Mexico State University, received a Masters in Painting from Pratt Institute, was Mom to three sons, wife to a young doctor, and a natural childbirth and lactation coach, all while painting and exhibiting.

In 1974, after I got divorced. I delved deeper into the world of the psyche, received a Masters in Art Therapy and Dance from Pratt Institute, practiced art therapy in various school and hospital settings in NYC, completed Psychoanalytic Training, taught Dream Interpretation and other mental health topics in Adult Ed in NYC colleges. At this time I developed a Teenage Pregnancy Program, became a public speaker at the The Brooklyn Counseling Clinic, received a 3rd masters and Certification in Clinical Social Work and began a 40 year psychotherapy practice.

I moved to the woods in New York’s Hudson Valley and began a new life in 1988. I deepened my spiritual search, practiced Yoga, meditation, holotropic breath work and dream work, among other modalities. At this time, I developed and began facilitating “Painting From the Source” workshops at my home and centers worldwide such as Kripalu, Omega, Esalen, Findhorn Foundation. I carried the work to the Greek islands, France, Italy, England, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. I studied with shamans, did pilgrimages to Bali, trekked in Nepal, completed a Gestalt Therapy Training, and deepened my studies in Jungian Analysis, mythology, astrology and Native American traditions.

In 1998, I published Painting From The Source: Awakening the Artist’s Soul In Everyone, by Harper Collins. I co-founded the nonprofit Creative Passage and became immersed in study of addiction and 12-step programs from a spiritual perspective. I developed a teacher-training manual for “Painting From the Source.”

I spent 10 years in Ojai, CA teaching and writing the sequel to my book, “Source Art In the World: How Your Authentic Creativity Heals the Planet”.

A vision has brought me to where I stand today.

Please help us create a new era of planetary re-enchantment.

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