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My name is Aviva Gold. I am an Art Medicine Woman and have facilitated Painting From the Source retreats for the past 35 years. My books have been published all over the world. Helping people find their inner inspiration and re-enchanting the planet has been my life long mission. Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 6.12.55 PM

My heart recently began pounding for a new and ambitious desire: To create a retreat center in nature where I can welcome previous and new students to continue and deepen the work of Painting From the Source – healing through Spirit and Art – that I dedicated my life to. In the past 35 years I have taught at major workshop centers in the world such as Omega, Findhorn, Mana retreat, Kripalu, Esalen. I have taken my teachings to England, France, Canada, New Zealand, Ecuador, Italy.

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Source Retreat would be a haven for collaboration and experimentation with visiting leaders in other healing modalities such as dance, voice, meditation, yoga – a community where patrons and participants will live together.

A meeting place for discovery, sustainability and consciousness, one of many “Impact Locations” springing up around the globe. I am looking in Oracle Arizona for this home retreat center on the edge of Catalina Mountains wilderness where I can continue to offer workshops and teacher trainings at affordable fees.

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This is a sanctuary in nature: a place where you can paint, heal, and retreat from everyday life and return even more invigorated.

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Dear Friends, We can not accomplish the Source Retreat without you.

I am moving to Oracle in November to explore the area. I will rent a place until we can establish our Source Retreat Dream.

There is a place for each of you in this project and a place for you at the Source Retreat home.

Have connections? Have ideas? Have skills? Have funds? Know an appropriate corporate sponsor?

And more importantly, do your share our vision?  Are you ready for a soul transition?

Help me create this Source Retreat home as a new step in the re-enchantment of your own life and planet. Thank you for giving this important work a permanent home:

Please, please sign up if:

  • You want to speak to me personally.
  • You have the interest and capacity to promote the Source Retreat Fund campaign on Social Media or any other skills
  • You are curious and interested in staying in touch and hearing more
  • You can donate $10,000 or more in exchange for free retreats at Source Retreat or know people or foundations in this capacity
  • You are interested in being a Corporate Sponsor of have any suggestions for appropriate Corporate Sponsors